First Fan-Made Metal Gear Remake Gets The Go Signal From Konami

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Nobody can depict or remake the original Metal Gear experience in a modern-day approach while maintaining the things that fans loved, aside from Konami and Hideo Kojima himself. Not until Konami finally gives its go signal to people who really loved the game and wants to take a shot at recreating it.

A tiny group of amateur game developers, who calls themselves as ?Outer Heaven? is in the process of making a complete remake of the very first version of Metal Gear which debuted in 1988 on Famicom/NES. Apparently, they got their blessing from Konami.

Many of the big-name publishers headhunt people who happen to engage into a remake of a game without their consent. Most of the time, they issue a letter to the party who are involved in the potential remake of official games from them. There are no exceptions, and even old ones count. One good example of this is how Square-Enix shut down the Chrono Trigger remake Chrono Resurrection.

Fortunately, Outer Heaven announced that they got word from Konami that they?re good to proceed with their little project, but not without some catch. They are, in no way, allowed to get any compensation or donation from the game that they are going to develop (which is the remake of Metal Gear), so this will be purely fan-based and non-profit.

On the moddb page of the project, Outer Heaven also stated that Konami contacted them, saying that, if the projects goes well, and the public receives it greatly, Konami will probably find out about this and will consider further steps accordingly.

We are not quite sure what Konami meant by those, and if they are something the developers and the fans should be wary of. Regardless, Outer Heaven will proceed with the game?s development and they are actually looking for additional members for their team. (Graphic designers, voice actors, etc.)

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