First Blu-Ray Class Action Suit Against Samsung

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According to TG Daily, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung for incompatibility issues with their BD01200 player.

Bob McGovern filed the suit because his Blu-Ray player is unable to play some of the newer Blu-Ray movies like The Day After Tomorrow.  The BD01200 was manufactured in 2006 and doesn’t have the firmware necessary to play the newer Blu-Ray films.

Samsung stated that they don’t plan on releasing firmware to fix the issue with the BD01200  player.  Anyone who has purchased this player is open to the lawsuit.

We all knew this would happen sooner or later.  Those players cost upwards of $1000 when they were released.  I don’t blame him one bit.  If this lawsuit is successful, I can see Samsung suing Sony over this.  Now people will understand what HD-DVD pundits mean when they say that HD-DVD is a finished product.

Source:  TG Daily

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