Firewatch Movie: Will The Film Adaptation Work?

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Firewatch Movie

Recently, Firewatch developers confirmed partnering with Good Universe to make the Firewatch movie. However, some of the game?s fans are wondering if Firewatch?s overall content is enough to make an interesting movie.?

Partnership Confirmed

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Campo Santo and Good Universe decided to build a partnership after realizing that they share many production values with each other. Currently, both companies are now starting work on the Firewatch movie, which is their first project together.

Firewatch Story In a Movie

According to Super Bunnyhop?s review, the Firewatch game is short and wasn?t successful in concluding the game?s stories despite its strong arc intros. Additionally, most of Firewatch?s climactic events were mostly due to the main character?s drive in interpreting events on his own. Most of Firewatch?s conclusions to its mysteries often render the character?s efforts unnecessary as they sort themselves out without directly needing the player. However, the forest does get burned, but no substantial action can be done against that.

At best, the Firewatch movie may just cover an overly paranoid man that mostly has his efforts negated due to events working out better than intended. Firewatch?s charm is mostly about uncovering the mysteries and exploring the woods on your own. We?ll have to wait for Campo Santo and Good Universe to interestingly translate this to the Firewatch movie.

Chance to Change

As the production delves with the Firewatch story again, Campo Santo can make major revisions to it to improve it even more. This move could allow Firewatch to have a more conclusive story. Additionally, they may explore some backstory like information about Henry?s wife or Delilah?s actual appearance. Some stories may uniquely work for the video game but they may not necessarily be great when translated into film. However, the companies could risk pissing off their fan base if they heavily revise the Firewatch story.

We?ll have to wait and see if Campo Santo and Good Universe will make a good Firewatch movie adaptation. If done correctly, it could be a good example of disproving the ?bad video game movie adaptations? image.

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