Firefox Streaming Dongle Revealed. Is Mozilla Making a Device To Rival Google Chromecast ?

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Firefox Streaming Dongle Revealed. Is Mozilla Making a Device To Rival Google Chromecast?

In the past several days, there have been reports that Mozilla is coming out with a streaming dongle that runs on the Firefox OS. When tech sites like Mashable tried to confirm it, Mozilla released a statement that ?this is not a Mozilla device or project?, but the company also refused to elaborate or entertain any follow up queries.

Recent reports of a competitor for the Google Chromecast was met with a lot of online buzz in the last few days, as it not only pits Mozilla versus their browser (Chrome) competitor, but because the streaming dongle is reportedly going to be powered by the Firefox OS. This places Mozilla in a challenger position with Google in two fronts.

However, Mozilla is dousing the fire with a denial that they are behind such a project or a device.

Before the Mozilla statement was released, a report by Gigaom ( ?a blog-related media company started by Om Malik in San Francisco, California.It is listed on CNet’s Blog 100 list.?- Wikipedia), indicated that a streaming stick or dongle that is powered by the Firefox operating system will have the capability of running some of the apps of the Google Chromecast .The device is supposedly being developed in partnership with another company. No details were given on who the partner is, but a demo video showed that Mozilla was still determining how the device will be branded and marketed.

The video demo also showed that the Mozilla dongle would be very similar to the Google Chromecast, when it beamed content from a tablet (Nexus 7) to a TV unit. The reporter on the video, Janko Roettgers, also said that the dongle will also be able to beam via the web using the Firefox browser, as well as being compatible with Chromecast apps like YouTube, Plex and Google Play Music.

The source of the first ?leak? of the Mozilla dongle was supposedly from an employee of the company, that posted an image of the streaming stick on his Twitter account. The dongle ? which carries the code name of ?Netcast?, is the latest addition to a number of streaming dongles that are slowly being introduced in the market.

Other streaming sticks like Roku was introduced earlier this 2014, and the Amazon Fire TV box also joined in the fray recently. Even tech giant Apple, is reported to be joining forces with Comcast to launch their own device to compete with the Chromecast.

So with all these streaming sticks crowding the marketplace, what is Mozilla planning to make their dongle different?

According to the Gigaom report, Mozilla aims to differentiate their device by making it ?more open and hackable?. This strategy hopes that a more open and restriction-free platform will entice developers to work with them and come up with a better streaming stick.

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