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Firefox Security Update: v42 Offers Tracking Protection, Prevents Even Ads From Showing?

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Here is the newest info about the latest update version for the popular web browser. Last Tuesday, Mozilla has just rolled out the latest version for Firefox, v42 will be available for the PC, Mac, Linux and Android, and it will focus more on changes and improvements to the private browsing and web security.

The new update for Firefox will have tracking protection for private browsing, this means it will protect the user from any source of tracking on the internet, it will now block any incoming content such as ads, analytic trackers and social share links that may track down and link back to the user?s account that could lead to accessing their personal information and even record their behavior in browsing. With the help of the private browsing, removing ads will result in improved loading times for websites. In older versions, private browsing just only disable the saving of browser cookies and history whenever the user closes the private browsing window.

Aside from the improved private browsing, the latest version will also include the new control center, this will have all the site security and privacy controls in a single place at the address bar. For cases when a web page may appear to be broken with some trackers being blocked, users can disable the tracking protection by just accessing the control center. For the Developer Edition, there will be new visual editing tools like the Animation Tools to be included.

For the desktop version, it will have an indicator for web tabs that play audio as well as improvements for the WebRTC and Login Manager and even for HTML5 and Developer, more details can be found on their release notes. For the Android version, it will include the new ?Family-friendly browsing?, which allows to create restricted profiles on tablets, there is also the scrollable tabs and direct voice input for searching from the URL bar, more on their release notes for the changes.

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