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?Firefox Private Browsing? Beta: Everything You Need To Know If You?re Hiding Something!

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Firefox has turned a notch higher in providing privacy for you as they test experimental private browsing enhancements to offer more control and a better experience of their web browser. They have revealed a pre-beta version of Firefox that will help users block web elements that can track your behavior when you?re surfing.

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Private Browsing

The assumption that Firefox has concluded is that when you open a Private Browsing window in Firefox, users are inadvertently sending signals that they want more control over their privacy than current browsing experiences. Firefox stated in their blog that they are experimenting with ways to offer you even more control when you?re opening private windows. ?The experimental Private Browsing enhancements ready for testing today actively block website elements that could be used to record user behavior across sites,? shared by Firefox. These website elements include content, analytics, social media and other services that might be collecting your data without your knowledge, the blog added.

?Private Browsing in pre-beta Firefox also has a Control Center that contains important site security and privacy controls in a single place,? posted by Firefox. This means that users have a choice in unblocking some of the website elements in pre-beta.


Add-ons are also essential in creating you?re web experience become safer. ?Add-ons may have the ability to create unwanted toolbars or buttons, collect information, change your search settings or inject ads or malware into your device,? Mozilla posted. ?We?ve worked with developers and created a process that attempts to verify that add-ons installed in Firefox meet the guidelines and criteria we?ve developed to ensure they?re safer for you,? Mozilla shared in a blog. With their improvements of the Add-ons for Firefox, users can generally have a choice in accepting or rejecting offers that you still want to acquire.

Mozilla?s Private Browsing enhancements are available to any Firefox Developer Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the updated pre-beta version of the browser, according to PC World. Although the version is still in pre-beta, it might still be added in Firefox?s main browser.


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