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Firefox Closing Down? Company Now Asking For Donations?

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Firefox has broken up with the tech giant Google and the future of its survival is in question since the majority of revenue it earned came from Google.

Mozilla the organisation behind Firefox featured Google as its default search engine for which Google provided it revenue. Firefox however ended its deal last year with Google to gain more independence since it believes in encouraging competition and providing consumers with more choices.
Mozilla?has now moved to regional deals with different search engine companies that Yahoo in United States, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia according to CNET.

Mozilla seems to be heading no where with its efforts to take on the smart phone market. The Firefox OS which was originally aimed at low cost devices in developing markets failed to make a impression. Android users now have the option to use Firefox OS as a app that is available for download besides the option of replacing the Android with it. The company now targets enthusiasts for its operating system because it has recognised its failure to make any dent in the smart phone market.

Mozilla?launched its iOS app on Apple App Store early in November reports ArsTechnia. The Firefox web browser is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, though it uses the same core browser technology as Safari. Due to restrictions imposed by Apple, Firefox uses Apple?s Webkit instead of it?s Gecko package same as Google did with its Chrome on iOS. Firefox has a lot of ground to cover since it is just too late to the party which is dominated by Safari and Chrome.

Mozilla?is asking people to donate $3 to them for keeping the company operational for one more year. The situation for Firefox is short of insecure as it is almost irrelevant in the smart phone market which has now become the future of internet. And besides it doesn?t seem to be doing well in desktop browsing either with 15 percent market share same as Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is on the top with 50 percent of the market and Apple Safari at about 5 percent and Opera at 2 percent according to Engadget.

The search engines such as Yahoo and Baidu are too irrelevant since search has become a synonym with Google. The future for Firefox looks bleak so the possibility of Mozilla going bankrupt isn?t too unreal. However Mozilla has $270 million in cash and cash equivalents so its not going anywhere anytime soon.

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