Firefox 29 now available for download. Find out what’s new.

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Mozilla, the creators of Firefox browser have released their largest update yet, and it?s called Firefox 29. The update, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, introduces a totally new UI called Australis. The new user interface does away with Firefox?s big orange button and adds some more rounded type corners. If you?re thinking that it looks familiar, it does. It now looks very similar to Google?s Chrome browser.

In replacement to the orange button that Firefox users are accustomed to, there is now a new main menu that is much easier to customize. There are some other more prominent features that include a short tour of the new things that you will be seeing in this new interface, as well as highlighting Firefox Sync more prominently with its easier setup.

Australis isn?t actually new. It has been in development for a long time, but it didn?t start to appear in alpha and beta builds of Firefox until late of last year. The main reason for this delay is probably because Mozilla has been spreading itself very thin in terms of resources, as they attempted to cover a lot of platforms like Firefox for the desktop, Firefox for Metro, Firefox for Android, and the Firefox OS. After Firefox came to realize that Firefox for Metro wasn?t gaining any traction, it puts the said project on hold and reshuffled their developers on to other teams. Some elements of the Australis UI can already be seen on the Android version of Firefox and the ideal end goal is probably to have the look and feel be universal across Android, desktop and Firefox OS platforms.

The key features of this update include the new and highly customizable main menu (which can be accessed through the popular ?three lines? icon), new curved tabs (a bit similar to that of Chrome) that will fade into the background when not in use, a reworked bookmark button, and of course, the Firefox Sync setup.

There are also other changes aside from the user interface, but it is more like a prelude for future updates. If you are curious to see what Mozilla has done with their update, try it out for yourself. It comes with a short introduction or run through so that you can see what features may appeal to you.

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