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Fire Emblem Warriors Neglects Spin-Off Characters

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Fire Emblem Warriors
Source: Nintendo E3 2017 livestream

Nintendo has recently shown a new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer that highlights the game’s story. The storytelling is similar to the mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, where a pair of two characters are allied with known Fire Emblem series protagonists. However, the trailer seems to be limited to showcasing famous Fire Emblem characters and leaves out spin-off characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer

As seen on the Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight, the trailer introduces two royal siblings who witnessed their mother get killed by a large dragon. The exact goals of these royal siblings aren’t clear yet but it seems that they’re determined to face this dark dragon to avenge their mother. The trailer concludes with the two royal siblings accompanied with these Fire Emblem protagonists.

Revealed Characters

So far, a Fire Emblem Awakening, a recurring Fire Emblem protagonist, and two Fire Emblem Fates’ characters posed themselves as allies to the Fire Emblem Warrior protagonists in the titles. Awakening’s Chrom and the famous Fire Emblem protagonist, Marth, has been popular in the series and was even included in the recent Super Smash Bros. to represent the series. Meanwhile, Fire Emblem Fates‘  faction leaders, Hoshido’s Ryoma and Nohr’s Xander, appears to say supportive words to the Warriors main characters. Fire Emblem Warriors‘ trailer sets its own tone to be a hopeful adventure and separates its borrowed characters from the weight of their original series’ stories.

Mostly Famous Characters

Nintendo may have played the trailer safe as they revealed famous and recent Fire Emblem characters to accompany the Warriors main characters. This reveal makes it hard to confirm other great Fire Emblem characters from lesser known entries. We’ll have to wait for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo to release a roster to confirm if its just filled with famous characters.

Lastly, this trailer is more cinematic than actually covering gameplay system details. Fire Emblem Warriors is also a Koei Tecmo-made Musou Nintendo game similar to the Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors. Players will be plowing through crowds of enemies with ease in this game. We’ll know if Nintendo and Koei Tecmo brings something new to the table with this entry before it releases in Fall 2017.

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