Fire Emblem Heroes Family Bonds: Key Details For Each New Hero

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Fire Emblem Heroes Family Bonds
Source: Fire Emblem Heroes – New Heroes (Family Bonds) video

Recently, Nintendo released the Fire Emblem Heroes Family Bonds update which added new characters to the playable roster. The community seems to favour Eirika from the Sacred Stones series out of the four new heroes confirmed in the new update. Here are some key details about the new heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Family Bonds New Heroes

According to salocin97’s thread on the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit, the new characters in the mobile app are Eirika, Seliph, Ephraim, and Julia. Currently, many players are eyeing Eirika as the best character among the four newly added heroes. Seliph and Julia are also considered to be good picks, but they may need to pair up with other heroes to be useful in battles. Meanwhile, Ephraim is considered a bad pick due to his speed stat issues, according to TheFatalWound’s thread on Reddit.

Eirika Is Best

TeGrassy Streams’ video states that Eirika’s strength is her support-focused skill kit which makes her a great addition to any team. Her Pivot and Drag Back abilities allow her to displace enemies and position her allies better. Despite her strength, Lucina is considered to be better overall than Eirika. Players need to consider team compositions when using Eirika to maximize her supportive boosts and playstyle. If you do get Eirika, expect to get buffed characters near her in battles.

Problems with Ephraim

Ephraim has been confirmed to be a bad character due to his poor speed stat growth. In Fire Emblem Heroes, good speed stat allows the heroes to strike twice, which maximizes their damage output in each attack move. Ephraim would easily suffer in damage trades against speedier foes as they’ll hit him twice.

Despite Ephraim’s poor speed stats, his abilities are focused on reducing enemy defense. If used correctly, players can make enemy units suffer heavy defense losses and get an ally to finish off the battle with a more reliable offense and speed stat.

Seliph and Julia

Meanwhile, Seliph’s kit makes him a reliable character even if he’s slightly wounded. His Brash Assault passive allows him to automatically follow up his attacks if his health is low. Seliph also gets tougher below half health and can buff ally speed when he’s near allies. However, Seliph’s passives which require him to be wounded makes him a risky hero to use especially against the game’s best characters like Hector and Takumi.

Lastly, Julia’s Kit makes her a good anti-dragon character. Her Breath of Life 3 ability heals nearby allies for 7 HP which is definitely helpful when characters sustain aggressive attacks. However, she might not be a reliable attack character on her own due to her supportive abilities. Stay updated with more Fire Emblem Heroes news here on The BitBag.

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