Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening Materials Guide: How To Farm Feathers And Orbs

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Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening

One of the features that the Fire Emblem Heroes game prides itself in is the Arena mode. Here, gamers can battle against other players and collect rewards along the way. Along with battling in the Arena, obtaining and using Orbs is also a must in this game. This Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening Materials guide will help you understand the mechanics when playing this mode and at the same time help you properly use your orbs.

Arena Overview

Let us first start this Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening guide with a quick rundown of the Arena. Players can participate in the arena daily by using one “Dueling Sword” per battle. Take note that the Dueling Sword can be refreshed every 12 am daily. Furthermore, players can receive high scores and rankings depending on their overall performance.

In order to get a high score in the arena, you need to compete against foes with high levels. If you are able to get seven consecutive wins, you will be able to get a chain bonus. A complete chain bonus has a total of seven winning streaks. Once the streak is completed, the chain will automatically refresh and you will start again from zero.

Another way to increase your score is by choosing a certain character that is included in the Arena Duels. Each season will feature 10 different characters to choose from. Add one of  them to your team to get higher points.

Arena Awards

Feathers are the main rewards for the arena battle. The amount of feathers a player gains will all depend on his overall standing. Each bracket will determine the total amount of “feather” items the players will receive. It can be as low as 500 feathers or as many as 5,000 feathers for the Arena Duel rank.

For the offense score portion of the arena duel, it can go as low as 100 pieces to as high as 1,600 pieces. Finally, for the defense score of your overall performance, the lowest amount that a player can get is 100 feathers and the highest would be 500 feathers.


Orbs have two major functions in this game. First is to restore your stamina and the second is to summon heroes. Summoning heroes will cost five orbs for the first time you do it. As you continue to summon that particular hero, the orbs needed will decrease as well.

This time around, your second to fourth  summon will require four orbs and your final summon will just need three. This will give you a total of 20 orbs to complete a hero’s summon.

One way to collect these orbs is by logging in daily in the game. You can also complete story maps, participate in special quests, or join special events within the game. Finally, if you have enough money on hand, you can do the fastest way which is to purchase it in the in-app store.

This ends the Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening guide for arena and orbs. If you want to know the exact bracket of each ranking and its corresponding prize, you can check it out here. For the exact prices of the orbs, you can visit this website.

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