Finn Balor Injured: Watch Seth Rollins Breaks His Shoulder, Then Balor Relinquishing His Belt To Audience’ Adulation The Next Day

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WWE superstar Finn Balor won the newly-created Universal Championship over Seth Rollins during the SummerSlam in Brooklyn, New York. However, he incurred a shoulder injury during the match, which caused him to immediately give up the belt the next day.

Last Sunday, Balor and Rollins battled each other to be the very first title holder of the Universal Championship. During their faceoff, the former NXT champ injured his right arm after a running powerbomb Rollins inflicted on him.

Balor was thrown onto the barrier that caused his arm to be dislocated. Luckily, he was able to push his shoulder joint back in place and still managed to finish the match. But that incident is sure to put him in a world of pain, so it is not a surprise why he had to relinquish the title.

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According to the ringside physician, Dr. Chris Robinson, the MRI revealed that there is a possible labrum tear on Finn Balor?s right shoulder. As of now, the wrestler is scheduled to receive a surgical consultation to determine the extent of the injury and how long it will take for him to recover and get back to practice.

Speaking of giving up his belt, Balor opened Monday night?s Raw by going up the ring with a sling on his shoulder and carrying the title on his other shoulder. He thanked WWE for the opportunity, Rollins for the great showdown, and all the fans who supported him before he finally surrendered the belt to Mick Foley.

Shortly after that, the wrestling legend took it to Twitter to announce that Balor has officially given up the Universal Championship due to his shoulder injury. For now, there is no clear indication as to who will be going up against each other for the vacant title.

With his injury, it is safe to assume that it would take a while before Finn Balor could go up the ring again. So, who do you think will hold the Universal Championship next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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