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Finding True Love: Welcome to Online Dating

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Searching for Mr. or Ms. Right can be tricky business – especially when you are doing it online. Technology has influenced most parts of people’s lives nowadays. From ordering takeout food to knowing the latest traffic update, technology affects the daily lives of people. Even love.

Online dating is not just a last option for people who want to find love; it has become a choice. Instead of the usual meet and date process, people go online to find potential love interests. Dating sites like OkCupid, and generate millions of views every day; the registered members’ number is even greater.

There are a lot of perks when it comes to online dating. They include:

  • Meeting people in a more convenient and faster way
  • Getting to choose people you want to specifically meet because you can actually see their “profile”
  • Having a chance to talk to people and check out what they are like before deciding to meet them in person
  • Controlling your potential date’s first impression of you because you can choose and decide which information to reveal on your “profile”
  • Never having to leave behind tight and hectic schedules because online dating can be done via different devices
  • Never having to spend a lot unlike in blind dating or speed dating because most sites are free or only ask for cheap payment


Of course, if it has advantages, it also has its disadvantages. One must be extra careful when dealing with potential dates online because emotions are not the only ones at stake; your security and safety is, too.

Practice these tips to be safe:

  • Never give out personal information. Even if the person you are talking to online seems trustworthy, never give out personal information, like addresses and telephone numbers. Many people have become victims of instances like this.
  • Guard your financial information. Never give out bank details. Do not accept or acknowledge requests, or messages where your online friend is asking money for you because of reasons you do not truly know are true. Do not send money to them. Chances are, it’s a scam. It is nearly impossible to reverse the transaction if you become a victim.
  • Block suspicious users. Always?block and report concerns about any suspicious user anonymously from any profile page, email or IM window.
  • Do not meet the person right away. Be sure first if you want to meet the person. If you are, ask for a secure location; meet the person in public. If it is possible, ask a friend to come with you.


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