Finding Dory Breaks The Box Office Collection: Is The Movie Causing Threat To Marine Life?

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Finding Dory

Finding Dory” has given a shock to the world by looting the box office. The film is creating a record in terms of box office collection. According to Forbes, Finding Dory has earned $213.317m in the first week of release. ??Finding Dory has gained the attention of adult viewers even though it?s the sequel of kids? all time favorite animation film ?Finding Nemo?. ?I was surprised, absolutely. Those adult percentages are quite unusual for an animation fanbase ? the only other animation studio that would have that sort of crossover is Studio Ghibli in Japan. That?s interesting because I like Finding Nemo ? it?s a nice film ? but I certainly don?t think it?s Pixar?s finest, so I?m surprised to see an adult fanbase so caught up in the sequel,? said Observer film critic Wendy Ide, The Guardian reported. ?Films like “Independence Day: Resurgence” is also not able to stand equal to Finding Dory. “Independence Day: Resurgence” could make only $43.4M this weekend, according to Deadline.

Is ?Finding Dory? Causing Trouble To Marine Diversity?

According to Straits Times, the film ?Finding Dory? has created a demand for the blue tang fish. At present, a blue tang fish costs ?$35 to $45 each and available only in few shops which are exclusively meant for marine fish.

The owner of Fresh ‘N’ Marine Aquarium in MacPherson Lane has admitted that there has been a 10 per cent hike in blue tang sales. Before the release of Finding Dory, Marine Biologists had expressed their concern for blue tang fish.

?The regal blue tang are more susceptible to having their numbers reduced from the release of the movie. They are fully taken from the wild. There are no captive breeding programs. We are not trying to discourage them as pets. They are incredible to watch, and they promote a love of the animal. We are just saying think smart about the impact, and think about where your fish are coming from,? Anita Nedosyko, a marine biologist, told the Brisbane Times.

The previous sequel of Dory, ?Finding Nemo? had won an Oscar. ?

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