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How To Find Ditto In Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO

Ditto, the transforming Pokemon, has been implemented in Pokemon GO. Players are currently on the hunt for the creature in. However, it?s been reported that the Pokemon actually pretends to be a different Pokemon if you ever see it in the wild. Here?s what we know so far on how to find Ditto in Pokemon GO

Ditto Appears

Since Pokemon GO?s servers went live, many players have noticed the lack of Ditto’s appearance in the game. Players speculated that Ditto would use its shapeshifting abilities and pretend to be another Pokemon if ever they meet it in the wild. However, players weren?t able to find a single Ditto until recently.

Ditto Caught

According to dronpes thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, the first Ditto has been first caught by Reddit user Kvothealar. There?s even data showing Ditto. When caught, Ditto will break out of its disguise and show itself, as seen in mynt?s video. If players want to find Pokemon GO Ditto, players should start by capturing every Pokemon in sight. It?s unknown if players can find an untransformed Ditto in the wild.

The SilphRoad fans were also able to confirm that Ditto also copies the Pokemon?s typing. However, Ditto cannot copy another Pokemon?s Combat Power as that will be game-breaking. Still, Ditto?s gimmick has a strong potential to be a competitive Pokemon GO if he has a good CP potential.

Finding one

Currently, the Pokemon GO community is looking for signs of a surefire Ditto sighting. According to the F1rstxLas7?s thread on?Reddit, Ditto doesn?t appear in the in-game Pokemon GO trackers as itself. This includes the in-game tracker and third-party scanners. It only shows up on the map as the Pokemon it is disguises in. In order to find one Ditto in the field, players must have a lot of Pokeball and catch every Pokemon they encounter. Each Pokemon could be Ditto.

After Ditto?s release, the first generation Pokemon Legendaries have yet to be regularly seen in the game. Additionally, the second generation Pokemon are yet to be teased or announced for Pokemon GO. We?ll have to wait for Niantic plans in the Pokemon GO updates. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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