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Find Out The Dilemma of the New Xbox One Cross Play

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Xbox One Cross Play

While the Xbox One Cross Play literally filled the gap between gaming platforms with its newest multiplayer cross platform feature, the idea of what?s really behind the initiative creeps in. According to Forbes, there are several questions, if not issues hounding the new feature. First off, what made Sony agree to the idea when it?s clear that they are selling their consoles like pancakes?

The question on collaboration between PSN players and Xbox Live members is also unclear. Will exclusive games eventually be made available on this new Xbox One Cross Play feature? A new milestone on the console wars literally took a big leap from the conventional idea of PSn for PS4 and Xbox Live for Xbox One.

The trend has been the same – PlayStation players can only play among those who have the same console, likewise for the Xbox One consoles. That social norm has been the limitation of gamers, thus, allowing them to compete with each other in terms of exclusive games on their respective consoles.

Today, now that Xbox has broken that barrier, what is there left to look forward to? Yes, the possibilities of being able to play with anyone who has the gaming platform. But to actually say that you own this particular feature that the PlayStation 4 will never have is something that is being put in the brink of demise.

The Verge made the point clearer by saying, a big restriction has been removed between the gaming platforms. As implied, the new Xbox One Cross Play feature is a game changing idea, and it could get better or worse from there. Currently, the new cross play feature has the ?Rocket League? game on hand and is ready to be played by all platforms. Psyonix said they couldn?t be happier with the new development; their game being played across different platforms

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