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Find a quick relief from seasonal affective disorder especially on the days when you’re stuck at home all day

This therapy lamp can bring the sunshine you need and enjoy a brighter and better environment

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The outbreak of coronavirus has significantly impacted several different facets of our lives. From physical health, economic, mental health and social health, it’s no secret how the pandemic has altered the way we’ve lived our lives. Moreso, it has also entailed that we stay at our homes longer than needed and we were used to. And while isolation is meant to protect our physical health, it has, sadly, impacting the mental health of many.
Distancing ourselves from people and staying at home all day can lead to anxieties, loneliness and depression. But the good news is that there’s a lamp that can instantly bring happiness and sunshine into the room and uplift your spirits – Ylkova LED Therapy Lamp.

Ylkova LED Therapy Lamp is not your typical lamp. It is designed to make up for the sunlight you’re not adequately getting for staying home all day so that you don’t end up feeling drowsy, lonely and depressed.

Because this therapy lamp is typically brighter than most average lamps, it makes sure that your environment is conducive to treat seasonal affective disorders. It simulates sunlight to make your brain awake and make you feel energized and happier.

This therapy lamp has 3 major functions:

  • Cool and warm color temperature conversion
  • Stepless dimming brightness
  • Intelligent timing mode

Another thing you’ll love about this therapy lamp is that it gives you the ability to adjust the brightness according to your preference. You can set it to produce white light or you can choose warmer lights. It’s also perfect for reading scenes or working situations. It also has a timing function so you can conveniently control how long you need it working.

Artificial rays can come in handy in addressing the symptoms of SAD and if you need a lighter, happier ambiance at home, this therapy lamp is definitely worth a try!

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