Find a delicious and healthy way to boost your hydration

This fruit infuser water bottle takes water-drinking to a tastier, whole new level!

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The importance of regular water intake cannot be overemphasized. Staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy which is why experts recommend that we consume at least 8 glasses of water on the daily. However, forming the habit of regularly drinking water is easier said than done, let alone stay consistent with it.
If you’re like many people, you probably find yourself gravitating more towards flavored drinks to quench your thirst. Well, who wouldn’t want to chug a freezing cold soda under hot weather, right? The good news is you will no longer have to compromise your health for a tasty drink!

This Fruit Infuser Bottle from Thinco is all you need to take water-drinking to a whole new level. With Thinco’s water bottle, you will never look at drinking your water the same way again!

This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle has found a way to make drinking water more exciting, fun, and tasty! It can turn your usual water into a tasty treat because unlike the typical water tumblers out there, this bottle allows you to infuse fruity flavors by incorporating your favorite fruits inside. You can have strawberry, apple, orange or lemon flavors infused with your usual water. Or, you can even mix a wide range of fruity flavors and blend several of your favorite fruits for a tastier treat!

Now who needs a high-calorie, sugary and unhealthy drink to quench your thirst when you can enjoy healthy and natural sweetness from your daily water? Not only will this water bottle give you a good boost of flavors, it will also inspire you to drink more while you enjoy the added benefits and nutrients from your favorite fruits!

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