Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough: Top 6 Post Game Weapons & How To Get Them

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Final Fantasy XV

So you?ve finished Final Fantasy XV, congratulations! But are you tough enough to take on all the post game baddies? Not to mention, all the new bosses in the upcoming patches?

Skill-wise, you?re probably thinking yes (until you run into the Adamantoise). But you want a real shot at enjoying and beating the post game?s content then you will need to gear up. Plus, working your butt off to earn yourself a shiny new ultimate weapon is pretty rewarding on its own.

So to help you get ready to take on all the biggest and toughest post game opponents, we?ve prepared our latest Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough! We?ll show you the Top 6 Weapons you need and how to get them, in order to conquer beyond the story mode!


The Balmung is arguably the best sword you can use post-game. It doesn?t have phenomenal stats but it has 248 Attack per hit, raw power.

And what makes its strength shine is its bonus damage reward for every strike you make. The result is a strong blow that keeps getting stronger.

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However, great things come at a great price. The Balmung can be located in the Steyliff Grove Dungeon. This is the second hardest dungeon for exploring in the game. But hey, the Balmung is definitely worth the effort.


The Vigilantes is a great utility weapon. These daggers allow you to essentially stop enemies in their tracks. Giving more than enough time for breathing room, or unleash more carnage. You can find these daggers at the Glaciall Grotto Dungeon during Chapter 15.


The Flayer is like the Balmung?s polarm version in the game. It’s best polearm weapon post-game. It dishes out a respectable 337 attack stat and gets a large 80 percent additional damage every time you do finishers with it. Head on over to the Steyliff Grove Dungeon and keep on running till you find this beauty at the end.


This firearm deals some hefty firepower. This is a good go to weapon for taking on colossal enemies post-game. And this is because the Executioner deals 50 percent additional enemies for single targets. After chapter 15, this weapon can be found at the end of the Glacial Grotto Dungeon.

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Ziedrich Shield

This is a legendary weapon so of course it would make it to the list. This shield will benefit Blink addicted players by rewarding you an extra 200 Strength for every Blink Boost in a fight.

You can only get this shield by finishing the ?Legend Wrapped in an Enigma? side quest. It won?t be easy though, most players take this side quest when they are at least level 75.

Death Penalty

Finally we have a weapon that?s as much an Easter Egg as it is a formidable weapon. It?s Final Fantasy VII?s Vince Valentine?s best weapon, the Death Penalty. This has an incredible 424 Attack stat and can even insta-kill enemies. Go to the dungeons of the Balouve Mines and this best of a gun is hidden behind a sealed door within the dungeons

And that?s our top 6 post game weapons for Final Fantasy VX! Did we forget to mention any big weapons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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