Final Fantasy XV Tips and Tricks: How to Complete Stealing the Past Quest

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has swiftly earned a reputation in the gaming world. Players are always in the lookout for new quests, tips and tricks. Here are some helpful hacks in completing the Stealing the Past quest in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV offers loads of quests and Stealing the Past is one of them. There are some essential requirements that players have to meet in order to start the journey. First and foremost, players should have finished the game.

Second requirement is that you should have started chapter 15. Players who can start with Stealing the Past are those who have acquired Regalia Type-F or the flying car. You can now begin the quest if you have already met these requirements.

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Begin the Quest

GameFAQs stated that you need to go to Lestallum to start the quest. Once you get there, you will overhear through a window two former thieves discussing about a huge haul.

You can find the window in the eastern part of the city, north of the Restaurant Tozus Counter. The thieves will talk about abandoning a big haul committed in Ravatogh mountain area. That is where you need to go.

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This is exactly the reason why you need to have a Regalia Type-F or the flying car. These are the only vehicles you can use to reach Ravatogh in Final Fantasy XV. Take a look at your map and land the Regalia Type-F on the Ravatogh Mountains secret area.

Find your way to the Pitioss Ruins. Landing may be a challenge as the rocks may prevent you from landing in a straight line. You can make use of a landing strip. Be sure to watch out for a bright yellow straight line on your map.

Lastly, hike the stairs and hurdle the ledge. You will eventually see a significant upgrade material called Magitek Core. It is essential for the Drillbreaker machinery weapon. You will be rewarded with 50,000 XP upon completing a Stealing the Past quest.

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Do you have any additional tips and tricks in completing the Stealing the Past quest in Final Fantasy XV? Share us your hacks through the comment section below.

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