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Final Fantasy XV Rumored Release Date

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Final Fantasy XV is a game that gamers have been dying to get their hands on since ages ago. We didn?t have much information with this much-awaited game, but now we have a slight hint on when to expect this epic game.

Great news! The upcoming action RPG will officially arrive for Xbox One and PS4 on September 30,2016. Yes, this is a huge surprise to us as this game was expected to arrive next year. The game was originally scheduled to be announced on an event this March 30, but recently there have been some leaks that point out when the game will be available for purchase. March 30 will also be the day that the company will share the information what they have about the game so far.

This is something we have confirmed with our extensive research, but since this isn?t something the company hasn?t revealed themselves, we will tag this as a rumor. The public isn?t really informed about the game yet, so let us just wait for something legit and official.

September 30 is just a few months away and it isn?t really a lot of time if you think about it. The date though comes after an annual holiday for gamers, which will make it a great season for all of us. The game was supposedly called Final Fantasy Versus XIII but was renamed to Final Fantasy XV for some reason. They will keep the changes to a minimum and keep the story the way it was supposed to be. Expect the world and concept of the story to remain the same.

As we?ve said earlier, this isn?t official until Square Enix makes their grand announcement in its “Uncovered” event in Los Angeles. We are still hopeful that this will push through though. We are tired of waiting and we want the game now! Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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