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Interesting things we know and expect for the much-awaited Final Fantasy 15

Bad news for hardcore Final Fantasy fans out there, the much awaited new instalment of the franchise will not be hitting its target date. Initially pegged for a Sept. 30 release, reports confirm that Square Enix will not be able to meet the Final Fantasy XV release date.

According to Kotaku, Square Enix has informed some top-level people from gaming retail shop GameStop that they will be delaying the actual release of the game. Instead of the initial announcement of Sept. 30, Square Enix is moving the said release to Nov 29.

Meanwhile, gaming website Gamnesia further confirmed the news by posting an image of an instruction sheet issued to GameStop employees. This sheet instructs employees how to change their display standees.

Before all of you lose all your marbles, remember that these delays are very common especially during the last few weeks of development. Developers will sometimes need to further polish a few bits and pieces of the game before releasing it to the public. It could be a new found bug that is proving to be difficult to resolve.

GameStop Instruction Sheet

GameStop Instruction Sheet (via Gamnesia)

Perhaps, this delay could be thought of as a blessing in disguise. In fact, a few months ago in an interview made by Kotaku with Square Unix, Hajime Tabata made public that they are indeed having some difficulties with the game. He also mentioned that even though the release is very near, Square Enix still has a lot of things to do for Final Fantasy XV.

When asked about the current status of the development stage, Tabata said:

?We?re really at the stage where we?re polishing up the final content and optimizing it for different consoles, and also the debugging phase is what we?re into now. One other thing there is that we?re doing a little bit of changing, switching up the UI to make it even better. That?s what we?re doing at the moment.?

Gamers and fans have been waiting for more than ten years for Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has been doing all they can to get the game to the users as soon as possible. The two months that Square Enix needed for the final touches could mean a great deal in terms of gaming experience. Perhaps waiting two more months will not be that bad at all.

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