Final Fantasy XV Release Date: PC Release To Take Longer

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Final Fantasy XV Release Date
Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Final Fantasy XV has been killing it on both the Xbox One and PS4. The game is phenomenal, essentially becoming one of the greatest games of 2016. While console players are rejoicing over the latest Final Fantasy game, PC users are stuck admiring the game from a far.

But all is not lost for the PC master race, it appears Final Fantasy XV might get a PC release after all. But the problem is, the game’s?PC release date might come out after?a year.

The PC Port

Ever since Final Fantasy XV came out on console, PC users have been desperately badgering Square Enix none stop for their PC release. There?s has been little official word on a Final Fantasy XV PC release, but Director Hajime Tabata revealed in an interview that a PC release was possible.

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Tabata explained in the interview that a PC version of the game is possible but will most likely take a long time. How long? At least a year! He explain that it takes a year just to be able to do the initial steps to port the game and that there are several other demanding tasks needed to be able to make it work.

Finally, Tabata explains that it would take 2 whole years to be able to finish a high-quality PC game. And when it comes to finishing great games, Square Enix has had a history of pushing release dates if it means releasing a better game. It’s most likely that this would be the case for a Final Fantasy XV PC version as well.

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But at least it will end up in PC right, so that?s a small win for the PC master race. In addition, there have been rumors that once FFXV does make it to PC, it will be much better than the current console version.

As reported by GamenGuide, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will have new additional contents and will even have new and unique features unseen in the console.

But then again, the whole process of even getting a PC version of Final Fantasy XV is still on thin ice. It’s been reported back in October that Tachibana became unsure whether they would push one with the PC version.

What do you guys think? Will?we ever see FFXV on PC? Let us know in the comments section below!

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