Final Fantasy XV Release: It Is Not a Game According to Conan O’Brien

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Final Fantasy XV Release

Fans who are anticipating the Final Fantasy XV release now have mixed emotions coming from the recent remarks made by Conan O? Brien. Conan featured the game in his segment called Clueless Gamer, and he had nothing positive to say about it.

Together with him as a guest player was Elijah Wood, and they are one of the first few people to try out Final Fantasy XV before its official release. Conan reveals that he has been warned that this game is a little ?strange?. Much to his surprise, while watching Elijah play, he begins to question ?How is this a game??

As soon as Noctis and the gang comes out, Conan could not help but crack a few jokes. He first describes the party as a ?Middle Earth Entourage? and then Elijah wonders why a fancy car breaks down. The two find it weird that they were sent on a magical journey to push a car.

The game finally enters a mission and Noctis leads the party into the desert. Conan then criticizes the hot attire these characters are wearing. ?Nothing like running in the desert wearing leather.? Elijah adds, ?They kind of look like a boyband.? Conan agrees and says, ?These are the guys that are left from N?sync.?

Final Fantasy XV Release

For a moment, even if you are a gamer, you will somehow agree with Conan and Elijah?s remarks about the game. Although, for those who do like RPGs, this ?strangeness? is acceptable in order to better immerse you into the game?s world. Watch Clueless Gamer: Final Fantasy XV with Elijah Wood below.

Soon, Conan and Elijah encounter a giant monster, only to be disappointed as the battle was over quickly. Conan stood in the corner with his head on the wall because of its dullness.

The segment ended on a funny note when Conan found out that the Final Fantasy XV creators were outside the room and had been watching them complain about the game. Conan yells at them ?You are mass murders of people?s time! Babies will not be born because of you! Crops will not be brought in from the fields! That said, good job!?

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