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Final Fantasy XV Prompto Gives Cheerful Message To Young Fan

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Final Fantasy XV
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Christmas gaming stories have been making rounds on the Internet this Yuletide season. An EVE grinch got served up 6,000 coal, and Pokemon GO?s Christmas event made it at the very last minute.?Before 2016 comes to a close, we have another great Christmas gaming-inspired story for you guys.?Final Fantasy?XV?Prompto gives a cheerful message to one of his young fans.

Prompto?s Coming To Town

Millions of Final Fantasy?XV?players got spoiled by Square Enix this christmas season with the game?s latest Holiday Pack DLC. The DLC gave players a lot of festive-Christmas themed content. But one young fan got a more personalized gift this year.

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Our Christmas tale starts with Reddit. Redditor nobo515 had recently reached out to Final Fantasy 15?s Prompto voice actor, Robbie Daymond.?

Redditor nobo515 had asked the voice actor if he could be so kind as to send a quick Christmas message for his daughter Euphrates. It appears the Redditor?s daughter was a big fan of Prompto?s.?

But instead of simply sending back a quick written message, Daymond responded with a personal recorded message just days after. Daymond then got his best Prompto voice in action to greet Euprates a ?very Merry Christmas?. Prompto said in the message:?Hey Euphrates! This is Prompto from Final Fantasy 15, wishing you a very merry Christmas?

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Daymond then concluded the message by singing a part of Final Fantasy 15?s theme, with some Jingle Bells added into the mix.?

Needless to say Euphrates was both stunned and overjoyed with Prompto?s special personalized Christmas message for her. In fact, Euphrates loved the message so much that she was even moved to tears upon hearing (awww).?

We?re glad to hear that Euphrates got her unexpected and awesome message from Prompto. If you want to listen to the message for you self then just click over?here.?

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