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‘Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’ Guide to Maximizing Your Gameplay

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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition
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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is the mobile answer to Square Enix’s beloved Final Fantasy XV. Though Pocket Edition still follows the main story of Final Fantasy XV, its gameplay has been adjusted to fit a more mobile platform. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Final Fantasy XV’s mobile edition.

Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Similar to its original counterpart, gameplay of Pocket Edition benefits from the use of dodging and parrying in battles. When enemies dive in to attack Noctis, a counter icon will appear on your screen. The ring around this icon indicates how much time you have to counter an attack. In the event that the ring is drained halfway, the counter option becomes a dodge option instead.

Warp Strikes are still a fantastic option to utilize in battles. As is the case with Final Fantasy XV, Warp Strikes allow you to strike enemies from a distance, thus prompting a battle. In Pocket Edition, all you need to do is hold your finger on an enemy before Noctis will come barrelling in with his warping abilities.

It’s worth noting that Warp Strikes are also useful for reconnaissance purposes as well. Depending on where you are, a Warp Strike icon may appear on areas where Noctis can hang from. By utilizing such a move, you will be able to get a glimpse of your enemies and what it is you’re facing prior to actually engaging in battle.

Upgrading your stats is crucial in any RPG, and Pocket Edition is no stranger to that. The game retains the original Ascension section from its console counterpart. Essentially, the Ascension is where you are able to upgrade skills, techniques, and stats of not just Noctis, but the remainder of your party as well.

In order to upgrade your characters, you’ll need some AP (Ability Points). These can be earned by winning battles throughout the game. When upgrading, it’s important to take note of which skills will best suit your style of gameplay. Make good use of precious AP and assign them to areas that you know will be beneficial to how you play.

What is Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition?

First launched for iOS and Android in February 2018, Pocket Edition is basically an abridged version of Final Fantasy XV. It condenses the gameplay and story into shorter — but still action-packed — episodes that can be purchased separately. The game still retains the very essence of Final Fantasy XV. However, as it is much more compact, Pocket Edition makes Final Fantasy XV much more approachable for casual gaming enthusiasts.

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