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‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide: When to Play the DLCs

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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The release of Final Fantasy XV PC is a special one, as the entire PC iteration not only includes the base game, it also comes with all of the DLC (downloadable content) episodes which give further depth to Final Fantasy XV’s story. It’s worth noting, however, that these DLC episodes all take place during different periods within the game’s main story. So when exactly should you explore these episodes? This Final Fantasy XV PC guide will help you enjoy the game’s story even more by pointing out the best times to play the DLCs.

Final Fantasy XV PC Guide to DLC Episodes

Episode Gladiolus

Besides being the first DLC episode to be released, Episode Gladiolus also occurs the earliest in the game’s main story. As some fans may know, Gladiolus briefly departs from the group, though as to what he is up to was not extensively explained. Episode Gladiolus shows fans just what the aforementioned character underwent during his brief hiatus from the main party. Chapter 7 of Final Fantasy XV would be the ideal time to play Episode Gladiolus, as this is when his departure takes place in the main story.

Episode Prompto

Similarly to Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto occurs during the brief period in which Prompto is separated from his friends. Our Final Fantasy XV PC guide recommends you play Episode Prompto only once you’ve reached Chapter 12 of the game’s main story, especially since certain revelations regarding the aforementioned character contain some hefty spoilers.

Comrades Multiplayer Expansion

Most of this DLC’s setting takes place during the events of Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 14. As such, it is suggested that you pursue Comrades only once you’ve reached said chapter. Comrades is an interesting DLC, as it gives players a glimpse into how the rest of Eos copes with the Starscourge. It also allows players to customize their own character to interact not just with important characters in the game’s story, but also with other fellow players and fans as well.

Episode Ignis

Though the beginning of Episode Ignis takes place during Chapter 10 of the game’s main story, a good chunk of the DLC episode extends to the very end of Final Fantasy XV’s plot. As such, it may be best to save Episode Ignis until after you’ve finished the main game. Not only does Episode Ignis explain what happens to Ignis in Altissia, it also provides insights on what could have been in the game’s ending.

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