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‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide: How to Unlock Regalia Type-D in Chapter 14

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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What some fans of Final Fantasy XV may not know is that the game’s ever so popular vehicle, the Regalia, can actually be accessed towards the game’s tail end of its story. What may come as a surprise to some is that the Regalia — particularly its off-road counterpart, the Regalia Type-D — can actually be maneuvered in Final Fantasy XV PC and Royal Edition’s Chapter 14. Here’s how you can access it.

Final Fantasy XV PC Guide: How to Access the Regalia in Chapter 14

Typically, the Regalia can be accessed in almost all chapters of Final Fantasy XV. An exception to this is Chapter 14, in which Noctis and his comrades mostly traverse their expanse by foot. This is because Chapter 14 is unique in that its exploration is limited only to Hammerhead and the Insomnia Ruins. Despite this, there is a way around getting your hands on the Regalia — specifically, the Regalia Type-D — in Chapter 14.

First and foremost, you must make sure that you have already accomplished all of the Regalia sidequests. After doing so, seek Talcott, who can be found in the Glaive Base. Take note that Talcott will only appear once you’ve completed all the Regalia sidequests. After doing so, Talcott will then task you with a quest. Upon accomplishing the quest, he will then give you a key to a garage which contains the Regalia Type-D Replica.

Interestingly, this “hack” cannot simply be accessed by using Chapter Select to immediately access Chapter 14. In order to access Regalia Type-D in Chapter 14, players will have to load a save game from Chapter 15 first. From there, they must make use of Umbra in order to travel back in time to Hammerhead and the Glaive Base.

Other Final Fantasy XV News

Following the recent release of Final Fantasy XV PC and its Royal Edition, news regarding future DLCs (downloadable content) was also newly released to the public. While many fans have already been aware about an Episode Ardyn — which will focus on the aforementioned character, his side of the Final Fantasy XV story, and his history with the Lucis Caelum line — Square Enix has now also revealed plans of even more DLC episodes that are slated for release sometime in 2019.

Other than Episode Ardyn, there will also be an Episode Lunafreya, which will give more insights on the Oracle and her inevitable fate. Additionally, Final Fantasy XV will also feature a side story with Aranea, which will delve into Niflheim’s side of the story during the Starscourge. There will also be an Episode Noctis, which will give even more dimension to the game’s main protagonist.

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