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‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide for Beginners: Top Things To Do First

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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Thanks to the recent release of Final Fantasy XV PC, the game’s fandom can enjoy an even broader reach. However, some new fans may feel a little lost or overwhelmed when starting off in Final Fantasy XV. After all with the game’s vast expanse, it has a lot to offer. This guide helps beginners ease themselves into the world of Final Fantasy XV and shows which aspects of the game are best prioritized first.

Final Fantasy XV PC Guide for Beginners: What To Do First


Just like any video game, Final Fantasy XV comes with its own set of tutorials. Players should not skip on this, as it teaches not just the basics of gameplay, but just how the game’s battle system works. The tutorial section can be accessed anytime, so you can always reacquaint yourself with the battle system in case you need a refresher.

Train at Camp

Similarly, you can also practice your fighting skills when setting camp. Campsites offer the option to train and fight against allies, including Gladiolus and Aranea. You can improve on your battle tactics and gameplay by training, which will only help familiarize yourself even more with how Final Fantasy XV works.

Use the Ascension Grid Accordingly

The Ascension Grid is not only where you can tweak stats and skills, it also provides new techniques and platforms to gain even more experience. Certain skills on the Ascension Grid are best prioritized over others, especially when you’re first starting off. You can refer to our Final Fantasy XV PC guide here on which skills to unlock first on the Ascension Grid.

Avoid Nighttime

Nighttime can be a challenging time frame for players new to Final Fantasy XV. This is because daemons emerge after sundown. Daemons are much higher in level than other foes, making them more difficult to defeat, especially early on when your battle party might not be strong enough. It’s best to make camp once nighttime rolls in and save the daemon hunting when you’re at a more adequate level.

Forage Everything

Several items are scattered across the game’s expanse and are identified by specific icons on the map. This not only includes materials that can either be sold or used in magic forging, but also ingredients for many of Ignis’ dishes. Ingredients always respawn in the game, so you’re free to pluck them out and amass a good amount of ingredients to stock up for use later on. Seeing as Ignis’ meals entail temporary stat boosts, it’s best to always come prepared with the recipe ingredients necessary for different dishes.

Unlock Chocobos

Another tip to take note of is to utilize Chocobos. When riding these creatures, you will be able to reach certain areas that the Regalia normally can’t access. Plus, they allow you to travel at a much faster pace than on foot. Additionally, traveling via Chocobo can also award experience, so long as the feature is already unlocked on the Ascension Grid.

To access Chocobos, players must accomplish a sidequest in the game’s Chapter 3. Take note, however, that the sidequest requires you to take down a Behemoth. The battle may be a bit challenging, but you should be fine if you’re at the right level. Upon accomplishing the sidequest, Rent-a-Bird stations will now be usable, allowing you to rent Chocobos for several days at a time.

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