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‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide: Best Skills to Unlock Early in Ascension Grid

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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The release of Final Fantasy XV on PC not only gives the game a new lease on life, it also introduces newcomers to its lore and characters. However, stepping into the world of Final Fantasy XV may be easier said than done, especially to those who are not so familiar with the story and gameplay. This Final Fantasy XV PC guide details the Ascension Grid, particularly what it’s for and how players can benefit from it.

Final Fantasy XV PC: What is the Ascension Grid?

Essentially, the Ascension Grid is where players can upgrade skills and stats of their party members (a.k.a. Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus), as well as obtain new techniques that can be used in battle. Tweaks on the Ascension Grid can be made through the use of Ability Points (AP), which are earned when levelling up. Besides upgrades, the Ascension Grid also offers bonuses when exploring the game’s vast expanse, providing even more experience points (EP) and AP to amass.

Best Skills to Unlock Early in Final Fantasy XV PC via Ascension Grid

First off, it’s important to maximize all the AP you collect in the game. To obtain even more AP as you progress, it is recommended that you prioritize AP-increasing skills on the Ascension Grid before anything else. Road-running, which costs 32 AP and is found on the Exploration page, is a good option as it awards you with AP for driving (or being driven by Ignis). Seeing as a lot of exploring in the game is done via driving the Regalia, this is a good early option to consider using your AP on.

Under the same page with the same amount of required AP is Happy Camping, which awards AP for making camp. This is beneficial, as your party members cannot level up until they rest at a haven, such as a campsite. Happy Camping can also be upgraded later on to gain even more AP.

Under the Techniques page, Regroup is a handy skill to obtain early on. Costing 8 AP, the skill is utilized by Ignis and depletes two tech bars. It allows Ignis to call the entire party around him in order to restore health points (HP) and pull them out of danger. Similarly, Enhancement (18 AP) is another one of Ignis’ skills that are valuable in combat. With Enhancement, Ignis can equip any element onto Noctis’ weapon that your foe is susceptible to. It’s best to use this in conjunction with Wait Mode so as to utilize Libra and scan your opponent’s weaknesses.

From the Combat page is Light Phase (8 AP), which reduces the amount of magic points (MP) whenever Noctis makes use of phasing and warping. You can also consider banking on Warp Factor (24 AP), which increases the amount of damage when warp striking.

What will you be focusing on in the Ascension Grid in Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments section below!

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