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‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide: How to Unlock Armiger Unleashed

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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Thanks to the recent release of the Final Fantasy XV PC version — along with the launch of the title’s Royal Edition as well — it seems as if the most recent Final Fantasy entry has received a new lease on life. What the newest iterations of Final Fantasy XV bring are a plethora of features, such as new bosses, more equipment, and even a new dungeon to explore.

One particular new feature that the Final Fantasy XV PC and Royal Editions introduce is Armiger Unleashed. This feature essentially unlocks a new mode of the Armiger — one that is much more action-oriented and powerful. But how exactly can you access Armiger Unleashed anyway?

How to Unlock Armiger Unleashed in Final Fantasy XV PC and Royal Edition

The first requirement that is necessary in obtaining Armiger Unleashed is having all of the Royal Arms already unlocked. There are 13 of them scattered across the game and can be found in different locations on the map.

Upon collecting all 13 Royal Arms, you will then head to the area near the entrance to Insomnia City. As some fans may recall, this area is explored during the beginning of the game. Head on over towards the first dungeon you visit in the game, which is Keycatrich Trench.

Within the area, you’ll find the Founder King’s statue. Once you’ve interacted with the statue, you will be rewarded with the Founder King’s Sigil, which will then unlock Armiger Unleashed. Make sure to equip the Founder King’s Sigil so as to access this new mode of the Armiger. With this, Noctis will be able to perform an even more extensive slew of combos. You can make use of the game’s training option at camp to practice using Armiger Unleashed. This way, you can get a feel of the new mode without having to consume the armiger bar.

Other New Features

Besides Armiger Unleashed, the latest editions of Final Fantasy XV also include new bosses, such as Cerberus and the classic Final Fantasy extra boss Omega. The game’s Rulers of Yore will also be available as an extra boss. Furthermore, the Insomnia City Ruins will feature an extended map to further explore. Another interesting addition is the option to control the Royal Vessel. This allows players to explore the waters between Cape Caem and Altissia on a boat, giving an even broader scope to the game’s already vast expanse.

The Final Fantasy XV PC version launched on March 6 alongside the game’s Royal Edition. Notably, the PC edition not only features the base game, but all of the story DLCs (downloadable content) as well. The Royal Edition is available for the PS4 and Xbox One. There is also the new Royal Pack, which includes all of the features of the Royal Edition that players can add as an update if they already have the base game.

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