‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Demo Introduces Tutorial, Quests & More

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Final Fantasy XV PC
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The Final Fantasy XV PC demo is now available. This comes ahead of the March 6 release date of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, which finally brings the game to its PC fans. Here’s what you need to know.

Final Fantasy XV PC Demo Now Available

The game’s PC demo can be accessed through different platforms, namely Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Origin. The download size is at 21GB and already includes high-res 4K textures. These textures can be turned on or off depending on a user’s hardware specification. Notably, the final PC version of the game will offer the 4K textures as an optional download.

As a preview of the full game, the Final Fantasy XV PC demo includes a tutorial, several quests, and the first chapter of the game’s story. While the PC version will launch on March 6, there are already bonuses available for those who opt to purchase the game before May 1. One such bonus is a Half-Life pack, which includes an in-game costume for Noctis based on Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman.

As mentioned, Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be available on March 6. Not only will it include the full game optimized for PC hardware, it also features all of the DLCs (downloadable content) for Final Fantasy XV. This will also include the co-op Comrades expansion.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

On top of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, March 6 will also bring Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition to the Xbox One and PS4. Royal Edition includes several new add-ons on top of the main game, such as a new dungeon (Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map), new bosses, and even the option to navigate a boat — a feature that the original game did not have. Royal Edition will also include all season pass content and several DLCs.

A Royal Pack DLC will also be made available on March 6. With this, players will be able to download all the new content found in Royal Edition and apply such to the base game.

Other Platforms

With Final Fantasy XV’s extension into the PC market, it seems as if the game already has all bases covered. As some fans may know, Final Fantasy XV has already dabbled in the mobile games scene with its own mobile version, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. This mobile iteration features a more condensed version of Final Fantasy XV and allows fans to enjoy the game while they’re on the go. Chapters can be purchased individually, allowing fans to consume the story at their own pace.

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