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Final Fantasy XV Patch Updates: God Mode Revealed, Advanced Storyline, New Bosses & More

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Final Fantasy XV Patch Updates
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has already proven itself to be an awesome game in general to the very judgmental gaming community, gaining high marks from both players and critics alike. And even though it’s already amazing the way it is, future Final Fantasy XV Patch Updates reveal New Bosses, Advanced Story line, God Mode and many more to keep players hooked to the game for even longer through the season pass.

Big Final Fantasy XV Patch Updates

Square Enix had previously announced their plans to keep pushing out updates for the game through the season pass after the strong support of the players during its first weeks of launch. It appears Square Enix simply want to thank the fans for their great admiration of Final Fantasy XV.

This is a pretty announcement because the franchise has never really done anything like this before. But if done right, then this might become a staple for following Final Fantasy titles.

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One of the new game modes to be implemented would be a god mode for a player?s second playthrough. The details of the god mode is still in the dark, but we can only imagine what fun this game mode will have. Odds are you?ll be a maxed out version of Noctis with phenomenal damage and endless health.

And more importantly, adding new modes like this would certainly give players more reasons to keep coming back to the story some more. We can only dream that Square Enix pushes out a Final Fantasy with the endless replay-ability of something like Skyrim.

Implications of God Mode

One theory holds that Noctis will become very powerful in God Mode through his quest to collect all the Royal Arms throughout Eos. This process would gradually make Noctis? magical strength greater (like a God).

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At the same time, such a grand quest would affect the narrative. A God mode could present an alternative story line where Noctis unlocks his pure potential and would have you go head to head with some incredible bosses that you can only dream of in the current narrative.

This would also support the talks of new bosses being adding into the game in later patches. New bosses would be stronger. We might need a God to be able to take them on?

Some are still skeptical whether the $25 season pass would be worth it.?Only time will tell if it will live up to all the hype. But till then, stay tuned in with us for more Final Fantasy XV news and updates.

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