Final Fantasy XV News: New Holiday Pack AP Trick Revealed

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Final Fantasy XV News
Final Fantasy XV News

Final Fantasy XV players have been finding ingenious ways to leverage on the many game design choices and outright glitches to help make the game easier. Thus, players have then found a multitude of ways to earn Gil, Weapons and AP much easier than what the developers had originally planned.

The recent Holiday patch has brought many new goodies to the Final Fantasy XV community. A number of which needs players to be pretty strong, so having earned a large amount of AP would be a driver for success. Luckily for everyone, the new holiday pack has also brought an all new trick to earn AP faster than ever before in the Final Fantasy XV.

New Game Plus

The new holiday pack finally introduces the new game mode called the New Game Plus. The new game mode allows players to bring their data from a completed story line and be saved on the new story line. This would make a replay of the game much less tedious by saving players both time and effort in regaining everything that they?ve previously unlocked.

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Reddit user paulthepage recently shared a new way to earn a lot of AP in the new holiday pack.

To be able to do the new AP trick, players will need the following: the Blitzer?s Fanfare, the Armiger Accelerator, Armiger Action and the Warrior?s Fanfare. To start, players will need to head towards three valleys while equipped with the Shield.

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Next, players should call all the dogs in the area and proceed to finish them all off while the battle mode is activated. It is important to be careful with the time, killing off dogs too early or too late may waste gaining AP because of all the warpstrikes.

Once all the dogs are dealt with, armiger must be activated in order to gain +1 AP. Players should not activate the armiger until all the dogs are gone. This trick may not sound phenomenal off the bat, but when done right, players can earn as much as +3 AP with each pack of dogs cleared with an A+ rating.

Once players are done with the last pack of dogs, they can then call for the next one for an even more quick and easy AP.?

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