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Final Fantasy XV News: Game Releases Holiday Pack DLC For Free; Find Out What’s Inside

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It?s Christmas time and the gaming companies are pampering their players with free gifts. Recently, Square Enix announced that they?plan to launch a free holiday pack as a Christmas gift.?Apart from the update, the company shared its release date in Japan. The Final Fantasy XV players in Japan will more likely get the free holiday DLC pack on December 22.?

How to get the Final Fantasy XV free holiday DLC pack

The players who have season passes are eligible to get the free holiday DLC pack. Furthermore, there is also a free version of the game which will be accessible for all those players who have downloaded the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to iTech post.

Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy XV free DLC pack contains new upgrades and impressive content. According to Mobile&Apps, the names in the game might be changed as the information is based on a Japanese press release. However,?the free holiday pack is expected to be released in both English and Japanese versions with similar content.

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Final Fantasy XV

Interesting features of Final Fantasy XV?s Holiday DLC Pack

The Final Fantasy free holiday DLC pack will include new outfits and accessories which can be equipped to Noctis. These accessories are very important for the players which have lower stamina consumption, as per MobilenApps.

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In addition to the accessories and outfits, the update also includes a ticket which will enable players to take part in a new event called Moogle Chocobo in early January 2017. Also, the holiday pack will include social media photo frames, Christmas themed photo frames and many other interesting things for the players.

Previously, gaming companies wooed the players by distributing double energy for celebrating Christmas. And now Square Enix is making Christmas even happier with this update.?

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