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Final Fantasy XV News: Director Promises Up to 200 Hours of Gameplay

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Final Fantasy games are always packed with things to do, and the latest entry in the series ? Final Fantasy XV ? looks to be no different. On Square Enix?s E3 Livestream, game director Hajime Tabata confirmed that the title may clock in at a staggering 200 hours of gameplay when you factor in side quests and endgame content.

Final Fantasy XV is Massive

“In terms of clearing the main story, we’re anticipating about 40 to 50 hours of gameplay,” Said Tabata. “So at the very least, there’ll be 40 hours worth of content to enjoy in the final game.”

“With just the extra stuff alone, we’re looking at maybe 100 hours of gameplay,” he continued. “So if you count all of that, maybe we’re looking at 200 hours of gameplay… the final version of the game coming out–about 200 hours total.”

Tabata?s proclamation will no doubt be welcome news for fans, some of whom have been waiting for Final Fantasy XV for nearly a decade now. As you may know by now, the title first surfaced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a spin-off title intended for the PlayStation 3. However, the game was overhauled and eventually rebranded as the next numbered entry in the storied JRPG franchise.

What do you think of Tabata?s claim? Does a 40-50 hour main story seem substantial enough for you? How much of the game?s additional content do you plan to explore? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Final Fantasy XV is releasing on September 20, 2016 ?on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC port has not yet been confirmed. Let?s hope it will be worth the long wait.

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