Final Fantasy XV Revealed a Lot of Story Following The Events at Kingsglaive

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Apparently, Hajime Tabata knows how to keep the Final Fantasy XV hype burning. There are a lot of intriguing things about the upcoming game. Apparently, the chancellor of Niflheim, Ardyn Izunia has a twisted and sinister mind.

Final Fantasy XV After Kingsglaive

He stated in the trailer that killing Noctis, will give him a scant satisfaction. Apparently, Izunia has the intention of claiming the Crystal?s power for himself. And arise as the True King himself. In the game, it looks like Noctis doesn?t have an idea of what happened back in his home since he left.

Noctis To Seek Vengeance?

Noctis was shocked by the news that the barrier that has been protecting their empire, has fallen. He was also greeted by a terrible news, that after the citadel was destroyed, his father was found dead.

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It looks like Noctis doesn?t know anything that happened inside the city since he left. And he couldn?t do anything to go back. Following the events of Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive, Noctis couldn?t believe that the King which is also his father, is dead.

Noctis didn?t know that his father, the King has waged war inside their city. As the old man mechanic stated, the people around Noctis isn?t his bodyguards. Instead, they are his brothers and suggested that he must trust in them.


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Following the events at Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive, it turns out that Princess Luna, is now the Oracle in the game. During the end of the trailer, the King asked Noctis? friends not to guide his son. Instead, the King ask them to remain at his side, and the other three agrees.

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The trailer also showcased some gigantic enemies including a Golem-like giant. At the final scene of the King, reminded Noctis that wherever he should go, the line of Lucis stays with him. ?Walk tall, my son?

Final Fantasy Spinoff Mobile Game

For those who couldn?t wait to play Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix announced a spinoff mobile game. The game is called King?s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon. Final Fantasy XV is set to release on November 29, which may indicate that the mobile game will be available after that.

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