Final Fantasy XV Cheat: How To Get Infinite Money

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Final Fantasy XV

Money does not grow on trees. That much is true in real life. Nevertheless, it seems like the same principle applies to Final Fantasy XV. Unlike other Final Fantasy titles, the new one does not feature the same ?gils-after-kills? gameplay. Because of this, some players might find it a bit hard wearing that money is hard to come by in the game.

Unfortunately, in order to succeed in the game, one will need Gils – the game?s monetary system. In order to earn that, one must work hard by exploring, getting quests, and even tending the land.

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One sure fire way of earning money in Final Fantasy XV, is by going on quests and accepting hunting contracts. Players can check on any local restaurants while traveling. Each locale will have contracts based on levels of difficulty. Players must choose wisely so as not to waste time on extremely difficult levels and earn the most out of contracts. Participating on hunting contracts will also increase a player?s rank in the game.

Garula Hunting (via

Garula Hunting (via

With every contract comes prizes, not just in gils but also in other means like treasures, weapons, and potions. These items can be sold to shopkeepers for a price. However, make sure you double check what you need first before selling anything. Get the most of the treasures you get from quests and sell the ones you do not need.

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Believe it or not, the new Final Fantasy game is a lot more realistic than it should be. So realistic the players can now farm crops and sell them for profits. One crop in particular is carrot. Growing it properly can be a very rewarding endeavor in the game. Each carrot, once cultivated properly, can fetch to as much as 500 Gils.

Farming carrot can be done in the Cape Caem village, just approach an NPC near the cabin near the center of the village. The NPC will give players a pack of carrot seeds that will need to be planted at the worked up field near the cabin. After planting the seeds, wait a bit for them to mature and then harvest. Sell the carrots to shopkeepers to earn Gils.

Finally, for anyone who is actually in need of much Gils, can approach Vyv for come photography contracts. Vyv can be found in Lestallum near the edge of cliff. Vyv?s photography contract can fetch as much as 12,000 Gils, sometimes even more.

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