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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Make Money Fast

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Final Fantasy XV
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With the recent release of Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, along with the PC edition of the game, the latest main numbered entry in the Final Fantasy franchise has re-emerged on everyone’s radars yet again. This is especially so for the game’s Windows Edition, as it ultimately provides a platform for newcomers to experience FFXV. With new fans coming into play, there may be certain aspects of the game where some may need a helping hand or two. Here’s one guide to help you dip your toes into the world of FFXV.

Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Make Easy Gil

Gil, the game’s currency, does not come in the form of drops from monsters and foes. Instead, you obtain gil by more ‘traditional’ means, such as by selling items or accomplishing quests. The easiest way to make some gil in FFXV is by selling what you have. Items and treasures are scattered across the game, and these can be sold if you’re short on cash. However, several of these treasures are also quite useful when used during the forging of magic spells, as they can provide extra boosts in your magic attacks. Thus, you can sell any items you may not need, but that is at your own discretion.

There’s also the option to sell any duplicates in your arsenal. This is especially so for any accessories in your collection. You may have an excess of some equipment at some point, so it may be a good idea to make some quick gil when you get them off your hands.

One great method of acquiring not only gil, but also experience, is by going on hunts. Restaurants in different locations often offer different hunting jobs for you to partake in. Accomplishing hunts bears rewards such as gil, accessories, and curatives. It’s also a commendable method of experience farming and will ease you into the game’s battle system as well. Take note, though, that hunts also feature different levels of difficulty. As such, it’s best to make sure that you’re at least at a hunt’s recommended level before pursuing your target.

While FFXV is peppered with side quests left and right, one set of side quests bears quite a notable amount of gil as rewards. Once you’ve reached Lestallum, you’ll encounter a character named Vyv who sends you off on photography jobs that require you to photograph certain landmarks in different locations. Some of these jobs pose their own risks as you are often required to clear a horde of foes before acquiring the coveted snapshot. Regardless, your efforts will not be in vain, as Vyv’s payments earn you a good amount of cash to tide you over.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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