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Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Get Sealbreaker?s Key To Discover Hidden Secrets

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Final fantasy XV

If you are playing final fantasy XV then you have noticed that there is a door in every dungeon. The door is not an ordinary door, there?s a secret hiding behind each door. A new adventure is waiting for you behind these doors. And you have to earn Sealbreaker?s key open these 8 dungeon doors.

The Final fantasy XV is a mysterious game. When you think you have won the game, there are still many adventures which are yet to be discovered postgame. The developers have implemented the game with the wide adventures in the dungeon extensions. Here?s how you can discover them.

How to Get Sealbreaker?s Keys?

To go through each door, you must have sealbreaker?s key. After finishing and defeating the final boss, you can start looking for the sealbreaker?s key. You can go straight towards the Meldacio Hunter headquarters where you can get the northwest part of the world map. The map will lead you towards Vesperpool.

At Vesperpool, you need to find Ezma at the Risorath Basin. You can easily recognize Ezma, an old woman wearing eyeglasses. Then convince her to unlock the quest called Menace Beneath Lucis. After completing the quest, you need to return to Ezma and she will give you the sealbreaker?s key.

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Final Fantasy XV

Reach Recommended level to unlock doors

With the help of sealbreaker?s key, the players are allowed to unlock a total 8 gates of Dungeon extension. But while opening these 8 gates, there lies a vicious monster which is stronger than the previous one.

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Also, before successfully going through each door, you need to make sure that you are playing at the recommended level, as per itechpost. You must reach recommended levels until level 99 to unlock the doors and to discover the secrets of dungeon extension.

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