Final Fantasy XV Guide: Ascension Grid Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy XV Guide
Final Fantasy XV Guide

Final Fantasy XV is finally out and many of you are probably still figuring out everything in the game. In today?s guide, we will be focusing on Final Fantasy XV?s Ascension Grid and everything you need to know about it!

Navigating The Ascension Grid

The Ascension Grid is essentially a skill tree where you pick out and upgrade all your skills. You have eight categories to choose from and it can be quite a jarring experience for some. The eight categories are: Armiger, Magic, Combat, Stats, Exploration Recovery Techniques and Teamwork.

It?s important for you to figure out your play style so you can decide which branches to focus on. Ideally you?ll know what you want as early as possible, but that is unlikely for some of you. To all those perfectionists, experiment with your first playthrough so you can get it ?right? on your next one.

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Combat Grid

The combat grid gives you many combat utility skills. Skills such as Airstep and Blink.

These skills won?t give more damage or defense but they will literally give you new abilities to help you dodge better or just move quicker. ?And if you?re not getting hit, you can deal more hits to your enemies.

Stats & Recovery Grid

The Stats Grid and Recover is pretty self-explanatory. The Stats Grid lets you increase the Health, Spirit, Vitality, and Strength level for everyone on your team. The Recovery Grid focuses on Health and Magic Points. It allows players to tinker with First Aid, Expert First Aid and Rapid Regen.

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Techniques Grid

The Techniques Grid focuses on the techniques of your members. All the members on your team have a wide variety of techniques that can be very useful in combat. From damaging ones, to even ones that distract enemies.

It?s good to know all your options with your teammates so you can come up with good strategies for?them. There?s not much point in having all of them just to excel in damage.

Teamwork Grid

The Teamwork Grid holds Link Up, your second path. This path will boost your link-strike damage.

You?ll also gain the new Death?blow ability. Death blow will let you dish out death blows much faster if your enemies are vulnerable. So learning your enemies? weakness will prove to be very useful once you gain this path.

Exploration Grid

The Exploration Grid focuses more on all the other light hearted things you can do in the game. It involves houses, battle photos, fishing, cooking food, eating meals, and many other things. It?s advisable that you get Angler Action to help you out in fishing.

Magic Grid

The Magic Grid holds all the various magical abilities in the game. To help you experiment and create with magic, you should definitely get Powercraft. And once you?re attuned with the magical elements, it?s important that you get Magic Action to maximize their strength further.

Armiger Grid

The Armiger Grid is pretty strong as it holds some special goodies for Noctis. Armiger ability is a big power up as it makes Noctis? power and speed in combat even greater. Once you hit the Armiger Grid, get Iron Armiger to prolong Armiger attacks.

And that?s all you need to know about the Ascension Grid to get started! With regards to specific nodes and abilities to take, we advise you to choose according to your play style. Hopefully near the end of your journey, you?ll find that all your unlocked paths will prove to be useful to you in combat, or fishing.

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