‘Final Fantasy XV’ Out-Of-Bounds Glitch Reveals Nifleheim, Rumored Future Content Areas

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Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is a spectacular game that has innovated on many aspects of previous Final Fantasy titles. One aspect the game has greatly improved on is the vast world that Final Fantasy XV has to offer.

Final Fantasy XV by far has the largest explorable content so far. Miles and miles of different terrain such as plains, lakes, mountains, and city streets were open for players to venture in. Not only are the maps large but they are full of both challenges and treasures as well.

The campaign was already able to reveal a large part of Final Fantasy XV’s world to players. However, some players’ curiosities were not satisfied with the open content so far. New out-of-bounds glitches have been revealed on the Internet by some die-hard Final Fantasy XV players. The Out-Of-Bounds glitches reveals a much larger open world such as Nifleheim that is speculated to be the setting for future updates.

The Glitch

Players have found multiple ways of triggering the out-of-bounds glitch in order to enter areas of the world would normally be blocked off. There are different ways in order to achieve this. One way would require players to use a version of the game without the latest updates.

From there, players who have succeeded in prompting the glitch show that players would need to do some strange feats in order to break the game’s barrier. Some including hopping repeatedly, while other methods show players swimming under and through structures to escape the game.


YouTuber Fotm Hero uploaded a video of him venturing to all the famous places in Niflheim that would normally be impossible to reach. His video showcased large areas of lands. Fotm Hero revealed several areas in Cartanica, Eusciello, Pagla, Tenebrae, and etc.

The areas are quite a sight to see. However, there isn’t anything to do. No monsters, quests, or loot are present in any of these areas.

But considering that these areas are already so well made, many speculate that these locations will be filled with new content in future patches. The latest Final Fantasy XV patches have given players a number of new bosses and content. Odds are, all the newly discovered unused space will house all of the new challenges to come in all the upcoming patches.

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