Final Fantasy XV Release Date Update: Gameplay Footage Reveals Characters, Abilities, UI and More

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Final Fantasy XV is still delayed by 2 months, nothing?s changed. However, Square Enix managed to tease their fans with a gameplay footage.

Square Enix released 52 Minutes of gameplay footage of their newest IP, Final Fantasy XV. It seems that Square Enix is trying to calm their furious fans or persuade them in order to make up for the delay.

The gameplay footage is in English version. It shows a quick glimpse of a possible boss battle, the starting character is clearly not Noctis. The scene then transitioned to Noctis and his friends while pushing their broken car.

The user interface shows a minimap by the far top right of the screen and then Noctis? own HP Bar with his friends? HP Bar on top. Noctis is accompanied by Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

A skill tree is also present which uses AP to learn and level up a certain acquired skills. In-game currency is called Gil. You can use it to buy equipments which are consisted of primary and secondary weapons, as well as accessories.

Final Fantasy XV Characters and Abilities

Noctis uses a variety of weapons from daggers to greatswords, which is understandable given he has the power to summon and teleport using a weapon.

  • Noctis also uses the Engine Blade which was given to him by Regis for his 16th birthday, it also absorbs the elemental powers of the fallen foes.

Gladiolus is a consistent Greatsword user who has the biggest maximum HP which may also act as a Tank. He uses a greatsword to inflict stunning blows that deprive foes of their defenses.

  • Greatswords can also deal more damage when the user is surrounded by foes.

Ignis is a dagger user who has the ability to do a quick succession of attacks.

  • Daggers deals an extra critical damage when the wielder is in poor health.

  • He serves as the Cook of the group. He prepares meals using the ingredients collected throughout the game, Acquire new recipes to expand ignis? cooking repertoire

  • Foods that are prepared by Ignis also boosts a certain attributes if eaten.

Prompto is a firearm user who has the longest range between the four.

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Players can craft spells using the elemental energy collected throughout the game, magic flasks are required to use them in the field.

Players must adjust the amount of energy or add a catalyst when crafting to imbue the spell with increased potency or an effect, such as poison and multicast.

Players can also set up a camp or Train at a certain convenient places or if you find a used bonfire.


Noctis is able to perform a mass variety of attacks including warp strike and charged attacks. However, Noctis? friends can also perform various?special techniques to aid him in combat. Combined attack using each character?s fighting technique is also possible.

Attacks from behind also deals more damage than up front.

Final Fantasy XV is due to release on November 29th. On the other hand, fans can also watch the movie Kingsglaive in order to keep the hype going.

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