Final Fantasy XV Designer Reveals Studio’s Inefficiency

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Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

In case you didn?t know, the Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) characters as you know them were not designed the way they are right now. A former designer revealed what really happened during the game’s development, as well as the characters’ design origins.

Designer Roberto Ferrari narrated on his Facebook page the inefficiency that happened inside the studio of the Final Fantasy. He already left the development team and said this group was very disorganized. He stated that his team was composed of 200 suffering souls who had to labor on FFXV while it was still about to be finalized per

Furthermore, Ferrari noted that the FFXV story was changing every three months back in 2013. This affected the game’s final release schedule. He also said that in the animation world, the main story is solid and established before the staff were even hired. This did not happen in FFXV.

Changes Made After Ferrari’s Departure

Ferrari was responsible for designing Cindy Aurum, Cid Sophiar, Ardyn Izunia, Aranea Highwind, Iris Amicitia, Gentiana, Umbra and Verstael. He said several changes were made to these characters after he left. He said Gentiana had a different gown and had a uniform with the same color as the current dress. She also has a white armor piece on her left arm as well as a heavy sword that is of the same color as her armor. She is the point of contact between the Nifhleim and the Tenebrae cultures as well as a messenger of Stella.

Aside from this, Ferrari said that some characters were also removed from the story. The characters were ninja-like, like those in Kingsglaive but the style is more Japanese. He said that the dog Umbra transformed into one of these characters that were deleted. He said that he labored on the remake of FFVII. But when asked about it, he quickly said that the game won’t have a lot of new characters. He also said that in FFVII, he was unable to truly express his creativity freely the way he did in FFXV. On FFVII, per Wccftech, Ferrari said he mostly worked on the remaining characters that already existed.

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