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Final Fantasy XV Cheats That Will Help You Dominate the Game

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Final Fantasy XV Tips

Final Fantasy has been one of the most successful game franchises in the world of gaming for several decades now. Its success has encompassed gaming platforms and continues to be a massive hit for its developers Square Enix. The fifteenth installment of the game has just released. And, it is just as popular as the previous Final Fantasy games. If you are one of the avid fans of the game and you are searching for Final Fantasy XV tips, then you have come to the right place.

Final Fantasy XV is not the typical RPG game that you have been used to. This time around, the game has an open-world setting which is extremely awesome. It may take some getting used to though, which is why it is important to get as many Final Fantasy XV tips as you can.

Helpful Final Fantasy XV Tips


Here are just some of the tips to help you dominate ?Final Fantasy XV.

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  • Jump Frequently to Save Stamina ? Stamina can be a very frustrating element of Final Fantasy XV as using it up would prevent you from running where you need to go. What you can do instead to help save stamina is to jump frequently when going someplace. When you jump, you carry your momentum while also regenerating some stamina mid-flight. This saves you stamina while also getting you to where you need to go.
  • Save Up Some Money ? One aspect of the game that you should focus on is buying the best equipment. In order to do this, you must try to maximize in-game trades with vendors in the game. Try to sell regular items that you can find to vendors and keep the money so you can use it to buy the best equipment later on.

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  • Assassinate an Enemy for Easy Victories ? When you are about to face human enemies, try to sneak up behind them and tap the assassinate button that will pop up. This will cause you to defeat the target with just a single attack.
  • Always Keep a Lookout for Treasure ? Valuable items and treasures are spread in the ?Final Fantasy XV world. All you need to do is to collect them. Make sure to keep an eye out and explore the areas thoroughly so you won?t miss any treasures which could be sitting right under your nose.

Dominate the Game

Be sure to remember the tips above to help you get an edge in Final Fantasy XV. Try them out and see just how helpful they can be to you in your quest to dominate the game.

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