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Final Fantasy XV Cheats: How to Travel Faster and More Efficiently in Final Fantasy 15

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Final Fantasy XV Cheats

Final Fantasy XV is definitely one of the hottest video games right now. The 15th installment of the Final Fantasy franchise has gotten so many fans excited and once again play the popular role-playing game (RPG). But Final Fantasy XV is somewhat different from the previous games which is why many are looking for Final Fantasy XV cheats to help them out.

Traveling in the open world setting of the Final Fantasy XV can be a real chore sometimes. If you want to go from one place to another, you would need to use up stamina. Otherwise, you will only get to your destination after a very long time.

Traveling Tips in Final Fantasy XV

Well, there are some helpful Final Fantasy XV cheats that you could use to make traveling easier in the popular game. According to GameNGuide, one of the first things that you should make sure of is that your character?s stamina bar has been activated. This allows you to determine how much stamina your character actually has left.

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Sprinting causes you to use up stamina and doing so continuously will leave you having to walk until your stamina has replenished. One trick that you can do to help you replenish stamina efficiently is by alternating jumping and sprinting. It may indeed look awkward to sprint and jump to your destination but while you are in mid-air your stamina replenishes to help you maximize it.

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Avoid Hoarding Items

Another Final Fantasy XV tip that you should remember to help you travel faster is to avoid hoarding items. It is recommended that you only have about 5 to 10 items with you at a given time. Carrying too many items will make traveling more of a burden and will cause your travel time to become longer.

Final Fantasy XV is definitely one exciting game to play. Hopefully the handy little tips above will help you get around in the open world setting of the game a lot easier and more efficiently.

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Be sure to check back here soon for more Final Fantasy XV cheats as well as other news and updates on other great games releasing soon.

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