Final Fantasy XV Cheats: How to Maximize XP and Level Up Faster

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Final Fantasy XV is definitely one of the coolest games to be released in 2016. Fans of the highly popular role playing game (RPG) from Square Enix were finally able to get their hands on the latest installment of the game. Final Fantasy 15 is enjoyable yet very challenging, which is why many are looking for any Final Fantasy XV cheats they can find.

One very important thing that gamers already know with any RPG is that leveling up your character is essential. This helps the character get better skills, abilities and items in the game. In Final Fantasy XV it is no different, which is why gamers should know how to maximize experience points (XP) and level up faster in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Cheats

There is a very simple Final Fantasy XV trick that some players may not know about. It involves choosing exactly where your character will rest in the game. According to Prima Games, one important thing to note is that XP is only tallied once your character rests for the night.

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Some players will just simply rest their character at a haven which is what many will often do. This does not cost them any money and their character will be rested nonetheless.

Wily Final Fantasy XV players though should decide to rest up at a hotel or a resort. While this may cost anywhere from 300 to 10,000 Gil, it does have an experience booster that can multiply your XP gained.

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The boost factor by which your XP is multiplied will vary from each hotel or resort. The first hotel that can give you 2X your XP gained is at Galdin Quay. It will cost you a whopping 10,000 Gil but it will be well worth every penny.

There are countless other hotels and resorts that you can try out in Final Fantasy XV that will give you a big XP boost. Be sure to try them all out to help your character maximize XP and level up faster in the game.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more Final Fantasy XV cheats and tips as well as news on the trending stories in the world of gaming.


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