Final Fantasy XV Cheats: All The Exploits Revealed, Clone Weapons & Items, Excalibur, How To EZ Kill, The Spoon!

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Final Fantasy XV Cheats
Final Fantasy XV Cheats

Final Fantasy XV secrets are now being revealed. And we already have the most recent glitches, exploits, and cheats that you can start using right now!

We?ll teach you how to clone weapons, items, and even how to get a spoon! Read on to see all the exploitable fun to be had.

Get Excalibur

Go to the land of monsters during your stay in the underground. From there, you?ll find the rat?s tail in a chest near the entrance.

Next, go to the Overworld. Get on your HoverCraft so you can access the silver mine close to Silvara. Once there, you can hand over the rat?s tail to the man who will hand you Adamant.

Return to the underground to speak with the weapon master. Finally, speak with the man at the second floor. He?ll turn your okay-Legend Sword into the awesome Excalibur!

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Clone 255 Weapons

There?s a glitch with Cecil that you can currently abuse. It?s a glitch that will essentially clone the Avenger sword, 255 times.

To do this, simply equip a bow on Cecil?s bad hand, and arrows in his good one. Then enter a fight. While you?re still in the fight quickly open item and select Cecil?s equipped arrows and quickly move them to an empty slot. Don?t close the window and swap Cecil?s equipped bow with the Avenger sword.

After you?ve done all the swapping, simply leave the item window opened and all his commands will suddenly disappear. Make you don?t let anyone on the team do anything. Otherwise you risk repeating everything.

Let Cecil finish of all the enemies. Once he?s done clearing the mob, you will now find a number (255) equipped on his good hand. ?Remove the Avenger sword then proceed to equip on his bad hand (where the number is) any weapon you want. And ta-da, you?ve just cloned a weapon 255 times.

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Duplicate Items

While you?re in battle, open up your item list and pick any empty space. Next, pick one item you?re already holding and quickly run away. Requip the item and now you?ve made two of them.

The Spoon

As soon as you leave the Underground, you would want to see Yang?s wife ASAP. When you meet her, she?ll give you a Frying pan. With the Frying pan, go back to Yang in the caves and it will actually knock back his consciousness.

After this, bring back the Frying Pan to his wife and she will reward you with the Spoon. Don?t let is spoony appearance fool you though, this thing quite literally the most powerful weapon you can throw for Ninja.

Kill Undead Monsters Easily

The fastest way to take down undead monsters such as skeletons and spirits is to cure them. Literally, use the cure spell. Fire and holy weapons should also do the trick though.

All these glitches should still be up right now, but don?t count on it to stay that way for too long. Odds are, Square Enix should be patching these exploits soon enough. So start getting in on the action now while you still can!

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