Final Fantasy XV Characters To Switch Genders? Gamescon 2015 Will Bring A Lot Of Surprises!

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Still hungry for more Final Fantasy XV tidbits? Why don?t we imagine these heroes via Rule 63?

For the newcomers out there, Rule 63 is some internet rule where for every male character of a certain title, there will be always a female version, and vice-versa. Yes, welcome to the world of internet.

While we still wait for some big announcements about Final Fantasy XV in the coming days from Gamescom 2015, some people from the internet are playing with the hype and managed to create some awesome fanarts.

Enter, Tumblr user fartnoisespbth (just ignore the oddly name) and his Rule 63 version of the Final Fantasy XV main cast. Now marvel at the entirely different Noctis and his gang wishing that you could play as their female counterpart. You can check the rest of the cast with the images posted below.

There is also a male version of Cindy, which you can now comfortably call him Cid once again, making him look more of a member of a boy band than a sexy Texan accent mechanic.

gender cid

We?ve already seen a lot of Rule 63 images, but so far this rendition is spot on, kudos to fartnoisespbth for such an amazing effort.

Going back to real Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix hinted that there will be a new and never-before-seen footage that they will reveal at the upcoming Gamescom in Cologne, Germany on August 5 to 9. Aside from that, they will also have their Active Time Report video briefing scheduled on August 5, be sure to check that out for more updates on Final Fantasy XV.

Credits to Kotaku for such an amazing find.

Do you have some fanart video game characters that you would like to share? Drop a comment below and share us some of those awesome fan creations.

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