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Final Fantasy XV News: Square Enix Releases Official Braised Beef Stew Recipe For New Year

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Final Fantasy XV

For gaming companies, holidays are the best way to serve their fans with something unique. Now you can actually cook Braised Beef Stew as shown in the Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix teamed up with Tastemade in order to transform the gaming food into reality. The company has shared the recipe for one dish from the game, so that its fans can celebrate their New Year deliciously. Let?s discover the entire recipe with TheBitBag.

What you need to make Final Fantasy XV like Beef Stew

– ????? Bones beef

– ????? Salt and pepper for seasoning

– ????? Olive oil

– ????? Onion peeled and diced

– ????? Minced garlic

– ????? Butter

– ????? All purpose flour

– ????? Red Wine

– ????? Beef Broth

– ????? Whole peeled tomatoes

– ????? Thyme

– ????? Baby carrots

– ????? Pee wee potatoes

– ????? Brussels sports

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Final Fantasy XV

How to make Final Fantasy XV like Dish?

This recipe isn?t expensive as most of the ingredients are already available in the kitchen. You can easily cook this dish without having much experience in the kitchen.

Step 1: season ribs with salt, pepper and olive oil. Put the ribs into the large dutch oven until golden brown from each side.

Step 2: After getting golden brown ribs, put them into a pot, add onion, garlic, butter into the pan and cook until soften.

Step 3: Add all purpose flour and pour wine and bring to boil.

Step 4: Add the remaining ingredients and pop the lid and reduce to a simmer. Simmer the dish for an hour until the ribs and veggies are fork tender.

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You can even visit your nearest farmer?s market to save bucks on the veggies. And you can add any of your favorite veggies in the beef stew. You can even check out the official video of Square Enix here.

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